Building upon the Luminous Connect Platform to connect groups and enterprises.


Pearson CORE Parent is an interactive multimedia newsletter app for tablets designed to keep parents informed on news, ideas, trends and technologies relevant to their K-12 school children. Focused around the transition to the new national CORE curriculum, Pearson sought an avenue for engaging parents while establishing trust and comfort with tablet-based content delivery, which will play a key role in Pearson’s future K-12 and post-secondary educational publishing.

The application and associated server supports CMS integration, cloud-based CDN delivery of periodical content with offline caching and archival, notifications, full-text search, recents, favorites, social sharing and dynamic layout for portrait and landscape rotations with seamless design transitions. Editors provide content in a layout-agnostic form and the application uses HTML5 and CSS templates to dynamically flow the full article.

DigitalFish with its partner Luminous Publishing designed and built the application and server-side components, delivering to Pearson a beautifully crafted app with a clean “Zine” feel.

Luminous Connect Platform

Pearson CORE Parent was created together with our digital-publishing partner Luminous Publishing. The Luminous Connect Platform allows groups and enterprises to share, strategize and connect in new ways across a variety of devices. Beyond Pearson CORE Parent, Connect has also been deployed to support the sharing and communication needs of advocacy groups and large enterprises. Please visit the Luminous Publishing website to learn more.

Related Articles

Editor tagging and other mechanisms create a network of connections between related material, encouraging serendipitous discovery of new content.

Favorites and Archives

Users can mark content as "favorite," resulting in persistent storage of that content on-device. Smart local caching balances the need to retrieve new content with the desire to keep favorite material available for offline use.

Social Sharing

Various means of user sharing of content and commentary with others encourage family involvement and growing adoption.


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