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Our mission at DigitalFish is to help our customers derive transformative value across their organizations by deploying new techniques for digital media and immersive content. Long-time industry veterans, not only do we understand this time of disruptive change in digital content and computing user experience, but as individuals we have had a hand in its arrival. DigitalFish delivers solutions that are transforming digital-content production and consumption today and enabling new markets for producers and users. Our long-standing customers include many of the best-known media companies, production studios, technology leaders and consumer brands worldwide.

The team at DigitalFish is uniquely qualified for this mission. Veterans from top digital studios and technology firms, we understand the limitations of conventional approaches in a new landscape. We are creating better ways of producing, managing, delivering and monetizing digital media that differ fundamentally from the methods commonly used today. We share a vision that these advances will revolutionize the use of digital content in entertainment and beyond.

Working with DigitalFish

We typically engage with our customers at a strategic level, often delivering vertically integrated solutions that span from supporting opportunity definition through to R&D, production and delivery. We do this while working closely with multiple levels of those partner organizations, either remotely or with DigitalFish staff embedded within client teams. While we can, and occasionally do, come in to address a tactical need, we have found our potential value-add is higher the earlier we are able to become involved in a program effort.

DigitalFish can offer engineering or production scale when needed in one of two ways: either by working with client teams to increase their technical capability and process efficiency, or by leveraging our own partner network to bring broader resources or specialized capabilities. We have deep experience managing offshore collaboration in Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, ranging from engineering subcontracting to helping our customers setup, manage and secure global digital supply chains.

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