Google Spotlight Stories

Emmy-winning VR shorts

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Google Spotlight Stories is an Oscar nominated, Emmy award-winning platform for immersive stories. Together with our partners at Google and partner studios, DigitalFish artists and technologists have explored narrative in mobile 360, VR and room-scale VR headsets, and the innovative tech that makes it possible. Providing a broad range of services from engine and authoring-tools development, to pipeline integration, to story production and external-studio support, DigitalFish was a central contributor to Spotlight Stories from its inception within Motorola’s ATAP group.


Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP)

DigitalFish Contributors

Adam Wagner
Mark Decker
Doug Epps
Dan Herman
Nathan Litke
Bob Morgan
Angela Traeger
Gavin Xie
Larry Bank

Production and Support
Mark Oftedal
Ken Brain
Josiah Larson
Matt Authement
Monika Erande
Pouchon Venerin
Juan Miguel de Joya

“Since its inception, Spotlight Stories strove to re-imagine VR storytelling. From ambitious shorts like ‘Son of Jaguar,’ ‘Sonaria’ and ‘Back to The Moon’ to critical acclaim for ‘Pearl’ (Emmy winner and first-ever VR film nominated for an Oscar) the Spotlight Stories team left a lasting impact on immersive storytelling. We are proud of the work the team has done over the years.”

— Google