Artemis Racing

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CHALLENGER FOR THE 34th AMERICA’S CUP Artemis Racing engaged DigitalFish for a broad range of performance-technology and mobile computing needs. Including both software and hardware projects—and topics ranging from sensor fusion to environmental simulation to long-range radio networking—we helped Artemis take mobile computing to the limit on the water for racing and training in the harshest physical and operational conditions.

Why DigitalFish

This project falls outside our typical storytelling-technology focus, but it draws directly on core technical and design capabilities from our animation and games production-technology background. This included 3-D scene analysis, sensor fusion, image processing, realtime graphics, scalable compute via cluster and GPU programming, server-side integration and full-system UX design for high-density technical content by both technical and non-technical users.


Artemis Racing

DigitalFish Contributors

Dan Herman, Peter King, Michael Rivlin, Paul Collins; under contract: Rusty Holleman, Oliver Fringer, Mark Stacey, Dan Ragen