Now that we've had a breather from the chaos that is SIGGRAPH, we thought we'd share a few of the highlights and insights, some pertaining to new OpenSubdiv advancements. It was an energizing week!

  • DigitalFish's Nathan Litke co-presented the OpenSubdiv course along with Pixar, Microsoft and Motorola. The course was well attended and sparked some good conversations at the following cocktail hour that we hosted. Motorola's mobile device incorporating OpenSubdiv will soon hit the shelves, we're told. This course was the first public mention of it and spotlighted DigitalFish's work for Motorola in bringing OpenSubdiv to the mobile GPU in this new device.
  • OpenSubdiv is enjoying strong industry support; great news for those of us who want to make games, films and tools rather than worry about negotiating inconsistent geometry formats. An OpenSubdiv Advisory Board was convened, and DigitalFish is proud to be one of the founding members, along with Pixar, Motorola, Microsoft, Nvidia and Autodesk. The Board will meet quarterly with the stated goal of advancing the OpenSubdiv spec into OpenGL and DirectX. More details will follow on this as Pixar and we update our webpages.
  • We're particularly fired up about some of the new projects our team is working on: mobile-tablet 2D artist's tools for an entertainment-industry customer, adapting OpenSubdiv as a master geometry format for a manufacturer to streamline their digital-asset production, and several projects that will contribute back to the OpenSubdiv code base. Additional ongoing or upcoming projects lie in areas ranging from apps for wearable devices to enabling a new use for 3D printing in manufacturing design.

We're fortunate to get to work on some particularly challenging problems. If you're tackling one you'd like to discuss with us, drop us a line.


The annual SIGGRAPH computer-graphics conference is fast approaching, this year in Anaheim, California. As usual a number of DigitalFish-ers will be attending. Please drop us a note if you'd like to connect at the conference.

This year we are co-presenting a half-day course on OpenSubdiv together with Microsoft, Pixar and Motorola. The course is Tuesday 23 July 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM.

Directly after the course, DigitalFish is sponsoring the OpenSubdiv BOF (Birds of a Feather) at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM in the Hilton Anaheim, El Capitan AB.

See you there!


To the friends and family of Andrew "Bart" Simpson, and to the sailors and shore crew of Artemis Racing, our hearts are with you all.


We are thrilled to announce Google has selected DigitalFish's entry in the Google Glass #ifihadglass competition, entered together with DigitalFish client Artemis Racing! We can't wait to get a hold of Glass and begin bringing the latest in Google's wearable user-interface technology onboard to help get actionable information more quickly into the hands of those who need it and to let sailors, coaches and fans connect like never before.

Read more: About Our Work with Artemis Racing


Our entry consisted of a 15-second video and a tweet: #IfIHadGlass I'd bring the world onboard as we learn to sail our #AC72 and race toward the #AmericasCup

The voice is that of Artemis Tactician and Sailing Team Director Iain Percy. Video shot and edited by Beau Outteridge. Huge thanks to Beau and Artemis Navigator Kevin Hall for their hard work pulling this together!

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